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 Present-day store, as of 2014.

Present-day store, as of 2014.

Our History

Romulus Sanderson "Tony" Spencer opened his first store on September 15, 1900, in Engelhard, NC, on land that his father Kit Spencer had bartered for a bushel of oysters. The store was approximately 12 by 16 feet, and was Kit's old fish house. Tony was only 15 at the time, and worked odd jobs during the daytime, keeping the store open at night. In 1903 he built a new, larger store, and a third store was built circa 1910 and had several additions throughout the years. It burned Christmas morning in 1970, but Tony was determined to rebuild.

Tony built his store's reputation around trust and community-oriented ethics, a tradition which has been carried on at Spencer Furniture & True Value® to this day. He passed away on November 17, 1973, and his store was succeeded to his son, R. S. Spencer, Jr., who eventually built a fourth store.


Today the store is operated by R. S. Spencer III (colloquially known as "Tony," like his grandfather before him), and his wife, Jo Ann. The store has expanded over the years and undergone many changes, now also providing a wide variety of services for a number of private companies and government agencies.

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